The Garden

The entrance to your home gives you an opportunity to say “Welcome” before guests come inside.

Our little farmhouse is quite visible from the street. It is the first thing you see when you come around a curve. Through our 2-year renovation, the front yard evolved from no landscaping to 200 rose bushes accented by a smattering of lavender. It was a fun project as we felt that so many people were part of the process.

Neighbors and cyclists were graciously vocal about how much they loved what we were doing. I often find someone stopped in front of our house taking pictures of the carpet of white roses.

My roses are spectacular when they are blooming. They take my breath away. Many passers-by tell me that it takes theirs away too. It makes me feel good that I can impact so many people with my garden.

There is a short window where the roses are dormant and only offer the grey of their branches.

This year, I decided to let our yard announce spring’s arrival by planting almost 2,000 tulip bulbs around the roses….all red! What a show!

I have received countless messages and photos from friends and neighbors expressing how much they love driving past and seeing red tulips emerge. Talk about spreading joy!