“I believe that the more senses you pleasantly engage, the deeper the experience. Those experiences create lasting memories.”

Decor for me is more about curating a space. I don’t just buy things to fill a space or put on a wall. I decorate with what makes me smile or brings attention to it when I look at it. So ,decor really relates to the senses. It’s visual at first, but then you experience a feeling, maybe a memory or you feel inspired. I also like to change up my decor through the seasons. So quarterly, I’ll freshen things up because I like the seasons to be reflected inside. If it’s spring out there, I want to bring spring inside. Bringing nature indoors is always welcomed.

Celebrate the Seasons

Every season is distinctively different, and I celebrate them all. I take my cues from nature to create décor, meals and projects that emulate the seasons, always with the goal of making my guests feel special. Click on this page for more ideas on entertaining for every season.

Wall Vases

Where there's a wall, there's a way ... to brighten a spot in your home or garden. Choose a design that fits your style. Install them in pairs or arrange them as a collection of flowers or branches that reflect the season. This is one decor item that never goes out of style.

The Garden

The entrance to your home gives you an opportunity to say “Welcome” before guests come inside.


Lighting really sets the tone. Get creative with flameless candles and glimmer strings to add warmth and glow


Fresh flowers in my home are a must. I enjoy arranging them in containers that are not necessarily intended as vases.