Celebrate the Seasons

I appreciate the sights, sounds and scents associated with every season. To me, seasons are more than Holidays, they present opportunities to consciously live in the moment, motivated by what our senses take-in around us. And when it comes to my home, every new chapter inspires changes that “bring the outside in.” From floral arrangements to pillows to dishes and décor items, my home reflects the colors, scents and overall feeling of that season.

These are some of my ideas and tips for ways to bring joy into your home throughout the year.


Spring is a time of reawakening, when new growth is everywhere. It means “bud break” in the vineyard, where the first leaves from the buds on the vines grow to form a beautiful green canopy that creates filtered light for the grapes through the Summer and Fall. That lush green is the color of the season and together with the warm sun, they give us a sense of hope for what lies ahead. I like to mimic nature indoors by adding pops of color throughout my home. A small bouquet of yellow daffodils (faux flowers are always beautiful,) a colorful table cloth and images of birds bring the outside/inside. I burn floral scented candles and open shades, curtains and windows for maximum natural light. And for me, it’s the season of my favorite color, “pink.” From blush to fuchsia, I add pops of pink wherever possible. I like to wear it, too.


Summer is THE season to enjoy the outdoors. I entertain outside as often as possible and this is the one time of the year that I bring the inside/outside, by using table settings, candles, serving dishes, etc. that give the feeling of home outdoors. That’s weather permitting, of course!

Our summers in Napa Valley can get pretty warm, so I often serve lighter dishes (like my Caprese Insalata, made with ingredients from my garden) and keep drinks cold with fresh fruit ice cubes. Both recipes are on the website. One more suggestion; how you light an outdoor table and area sets the mood, so I usually opt for a mix of flameless candles, both at and above eye level. They never blow out, can be set on timers and if covered with a colored glass cloche, they serve as a decorative element as well.


Fall is my favorite season! Warm days, crisp nights and the beautiful, rich colors in the vineyard are rewards of a successful growing season. This is Harvest time, which is all about abundance, in the vineyard, my home and my life. As farmers, most of us in the Napa Valley are busy preparing for and taking part in the Harvest, which then segues into pressing and fermenting our wines. We are thankful for our livelihoods and often gather as a community to celebrate the season.

I love Fall’s natural colors, shapes and textures and decorate with them throughout my home. I’m especially fond of mercury glass, as it pairs well with the jewel tones of the harvest bounty, such as pumpkins and squash. Every year I look forward to collecting leaves and featuring them as part of table decorations. And as a gardener, I harvest the remaining vegetables and herbs to put good use over the winter. Additional recipes to follow!


Winter is the season of celebration. Of all of the seasons, it’s easy to appeal to the senses during the Holidays, from the scent of evergreen to decorative lights and the familiar sounds of Holiday music. For those of us who love to entertain, this is when we really shine!

When I think of Winter, I also think of reflection and self-care. The world often slows down after the Holidays and the weather brings us all inside. Hearty soups, warm sweaters and a few good organizational projects are January staples for me. An annual ritual I enjoy is making bath salts for myself and to give as gifts.